Saturday, March 21, 2015

Pedagogy and Engagement

What technologies are available to facilitate general pedagogy? What content-specific technologies are available to promote better understanding and engagement?

There are limitless technologies available to help teachers deliver content to students. There are many presentation tools that enhance student engagement and learning. Internet content and videos have also become a source of knowledge to better illustrate concepts taught in class. Researching different technologies, I stumbled across the “The Pedagogy Wheel” which incorporates he SAMR model:

Many of the applications outlined are perfect ways to incorporate technology into instruction. I think the biggest challenge to the integration of technology in the classroom is choosing the right tech for the right lesson. There are times when technology is used just for the sake of using it. Technology should be used to enhance learning and promote engagement. Looking at the following poster outlines the importance of utilizing technology to display parts of our instruction.

Searching some more led me to some ideas to keep students engaged. I then wondered how I could make this work in my classroom while integrating tech. What do you think?

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